Valentine’s Day New Year stalls swing warm start file

13 Dec 2011

“Jinling 13 hairpin” and “Dragon Flying A” battle of the Lunar New Year stalls only just getting a start, file next year’s Valentine’s Day films already can not RS Goldwait to warm up: Yesterday, the director Johnnie To’s “Love the high altitude ? “and director Niu Cheng Ze’s” Love “Valentine’s Day next year are announced during the release, just do not know, Louis Koo, Sammi Cheng, and Zhao Wei Li Guangjie combination, Ethan, Eddie, meaning the combination of which Chen is more to the present?

“High Altitude Love ?” to play a romantic midnight

Yesterday Zero, “high altitude Love ?” director Johnnie To, Wai Ka-fai carrying Louis Koo, Sammi Cheng, Li Guangjie attended the press conference. The Buy WOW Goldconference, scheduled even zero, Johnnie smiled and said it represents the day of love in the new opened a new page, toward the 3,800-meter altitude to start over.

Film, Sammi Cheng plays a stick eight years of love lovestruck woman a place in the 3,800-meter runs a small hotel, played by Louis Koo star met up, slowly heal hurt feelings. But Sammi Cheng at the scene but said he no need of marriage, and lament, said: “In the future who knows?” Exposure in the trailer yesterday, Sammi Cheng Louis Koo is playing Cheap WOW Goldthe piano, and his motorcycle chase The plot is very romantic sunset touching. In addition, the newspaper has reported that Johnnie will work together to build Wai Ka-fai Mainland gangster blockbuster “drug war”, and yesterday morning reporter also noted that “drug war” has been finalized actor Honglei and Louis Koo.

“Love” hit all-star idol cards

Yesterday, “Love” director Niu Cheng Ze bring starring Zhao Wei, Ethan, Eddie, Chen implications, Amber Kuo, etc. appeared in Beijing, and will introduce a “full text” poster, posters, a theme is “Love” in the lines, but the most obvious , is the poster in the phrase “I will be responsible for.”

For the posters in this sentence, who also starred in his own interpretation of the understanding. Zhao Wei said: “I am a woman, I understand the responsibility is not to hurt me, I will not hurt you, which is responsible for love.” Ruan said: “The love of his people and the care of people, tolerance and love her unconditionally, has been caring for her care at her side, this is my ‘I will be responsible for “understanding.” Eddie is understood as “a mature and responsible play performance, and for your love and dreams have their own serious attitude responsible for is maturity. “Amber Kuo said:” I understand the charge is in love, and I can put my loved one’s life, as my own life to care. “Chen meaning is understood as” everything must be done to bear the consequences, no matter good or bad, this is an attitude. “

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