New “seeking girl” named by the secret three-year training well versed in English lute

12 Dec 2011

“Jinling 13 hairpin” poster

Zhang Yimou’s blockbuster 600 million investment, “Jinling 13 hairpin”, Tsui Hark directed the world’s first 3D martial arts epic “Dragon Flying A” in RS Goldthe capital yesterday, the same day the specimen, the Lunar New Year officially started the war.

“Mexican Jade” secret training for 3 years

The winter of 1937, that period of painful history, so that the audience sobbing a

Why let the ink jade Ni Ni as the female lead? Yesterday, the director Zhang Yimou has finally opened a mystery. Zhang said the selection of jade ink is WOW Goldthe most important thing in recent years. “This is a very narrow range, there will be proficient in English performances, Nanjing, Nanjing, then speak. Meet these actors rarely, only new election.”

Zhang Yimou selected actors consider themselves very scientific. “This process, like psychology, as the director is going to find her, leading her, and this is my job. First, she is a block of material, I and our team, including her co-rival Bell to complete her training. “Zhang Yimou it really begrudge a preference for seeking girls. He said, Ni Ni from a secret training began three years ago, “the use of summer vacation each year to train to Beijing, including English, performances, Nanjing, then.”

Bored most of the year of “Jinling 13 hairpin” Yesterday was finally put on the Lunar New Year banquet, 145 minutes to let the audience in the sobbing continued, the new girl, Ni Ni performance plan is a color, a voluptuous woman Qinhuai jade ink knew when.

Ni Ni is the School of Communication University of China Southern widely spread language of 07 graduates, 23 years old. Appear in the premiere of her as cute as the girl next door.

It will be very full English lute

Lao Mouzai of seeking girls since the beginning weeks of winter rain, slap on a label - versatile, especially Ni Ni. Premiere gown, Ni Ni ratio 13 hairpin were to go down from the screen, just like a grand show, movie premiere kicked off on such a.

Ni-ni in the tear film after introduction, with the sisters performed a drama scene - “Qinhuai King,” Ni-ni personally pitched playing the pipa; then, Ni Ni and Bell together with Buy WOW Goldthe actor appeared on stage without others, Bell served as the Ni-ni direct translation with the audience. The move to the side of the bell was moved to its thumbs-up.

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