“Onslaught of the giant” will be shot live version of “Confessions,” director Zhang Jing

10 Dec 2011

Directed by Tetsuya Nakashima popular comic “onslaught of giant,” the film adaptation, will create Japan’s history of the production costs of most

According to Japanese media, who directed the 2010 topic of RS Goldthe movie “Confessions” of famous director Tetsuya Nakashima, will play the popular comic “onslaught of giants” (Kodansha) directed the film adaptation of the post, but the film also Japanese film history is expected to become the highest production costs of a work.

“Onslaught of the giant” created by the WOW Goldfamous cartoonist remonstrance mountain creation, in September 2009 comic magazine, “Do not book Shonen Magazine” founded when the serial began, the top five volume manga has sold a total of 5.6 million. While still in the award-winning selection, can be called in the Japanese manga industry is currently the most talked about works. The overwhelming force as to have a presence in the world as a giant stage, about the desperate battle to survive the human story.

Directed by Tetsuya Nakashima has previously directed “by dislike of the pine life”, topic last year caused serious concern to popular movie “Confessions” and other works, has a high popularity, and this is his first time in comics adaptations of the shooting, but also directed his first real stunt movie. Tetsuya Nakajima filming is scheduled to Cheap WOW Gold be put into a Japanese film in the history of the largest production of works, so the production costs will also be quite high. For the performers, in addition will only use some “very impressive young actor Strength”, will also use “in the island group” unique lineup involved. And some specific details about the film, has not yet been released, which most attention to the number of giant predatory human part of the show should be real, or the use of CG technology or special effects to the interpretation, is still to discuss the process.

Tetsuya Nakashima is also a big fan of the original, and he produced to the original idea to the big screen is in last fall. The issuer has with the original producer Kodansha Uchida health history and record the original author admonished Hill conducted exchange, the plan was finally realized. Said Tetsuya Nakajima said: “(compared with all previous works) to all that will be very different, whether it is a monster in action movies or the series of films in which, so the high cost of big movie for me the first time, this will be among the last shot of my life or perhaps a movie. “can be seen from the discourse, Tetsuya Nakajima as if his entire film career would have bet on the general, we can see His emphasis on the film.

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