“The Dark Knight Rise” poster mad scientist virus exposure appeared

9 Dec 2011

“The Dark Knight Rise” poster exposure

Yahoo Entertainment News December 8, Beijing time, according to U.S. media reports, today, Warner Brothers began distributing “Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rise” poster of the virus, also attached a modified script lines . This looks like the Eden GoldCIA files, boarded the missing Russian scientist Leonid Leo - Pavel. Multi-guess, he probably is, “Dr Victor Hugo,” or is “the Destroyer” Bann who do experiments, “Dr Death.”

It is reported that the mad scientist Leo Needham - Pavel by the Alon Aboutboul starred in, is his most famous role prior to 2008, starred in Ridley - Scott’s movie “Lies of the body.” There are multi-guess that this name is likely that the mad WOW Goldscientist has been rumored before the big villain “Dr. Hugo.” However, the more credible is the Leo Needham - Dr. Pavel is in - Tom Hardy plays the villain, played by Ben scientists who do. That is wicked powerful, ruthless Bann is created by his hand.

Changes from the exposure of the lines in the script can simply be seen, the CIA’s Melissa and dialogue unidentified person, that person’s name was covered up. Russian scientists are clearly tracked in the United States, are looking for a safe hiding place.Cheap WOW Gold He made contact with the CIA seeks to protect the United States, the CIA’s Melissa is on a good with the anonymous $ 3 million price arrangements to meet them.

“The Dark Knight Rise” trailer will be the first December 16 following the “Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol,” the release and the first landing in North America, will also be critical to answer slowly revealed. The film will be July 20, 2012 release in North America across the board.

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