Critics comment ahead of the “Dragon Tattoo” quoted gold producer rage incident

7 Dec 2011

“Dragon Tattoo Girl” poster

By David - Fincher directed, Daniel - Craig, Luni - Mara starred in the “dragon tattoo girl” will be released December 21 overall, sprint in publicity, Buy WOW Gold the film does not lead to a small storm. As the “New Yorker” film critic David Denby unilateral breach of contract, issued ahead of the comments about the movie, “Dragon Tattoo” producer Scott - Rudin announced that it will prohibit David Denby any comments he made films.

The origin of things is November 28, the film side of “New Yorker” film critic advance screening of the film, but critics signed a contract on December 13 will not be published before any comments about the movie. But David Denby was released a week early critics to evaluate the film “Suoranfawei, but each fragment are very addictive.” In this regard, Scott - Rudin is very angry, said it would ban David Denby reviews the future of all of his released films produced and wrote in the Email, “you do it on the film caused a very bad influence, I do not will then invite you to watch any one of my films. “

This incident, RS Gold the Hollywood media expressed their different opinions and comments circulating on Twitter, most of them are support for Rudin, breach of contract that Denby’s approach is very shameful. “Hollywood Reporter,” the writer Scott Feinberg said, “Whether this thing is cool prohibit comments or bored, Denby are crossed, and Cheap WOW Gold after all, he signed a contract.” For the critics, the largest such producer Rudin Critics of the energy value, is a thing of joy that the film criticism community, critic Sasha Frere-Jones said, “Rudin is really cute, he thinks critics can affect the box office, which ever is just a utopia.”

Of course, some critics said, “Denby’s critics do not see how to destroy the film, Rudin is somewhat exaggerated the.” However, some commentators have said, “film critic in itself absurd ban on boring.”

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