“Dream House sly shadow” into mainland cinema blockbuster suspense thriller ending 2011

6 Dec 2011

New 007 Craig and Rachel - Rachel

End of the year 2011 suspense masterpiece “Dream House sly shadow” visit the mainland, today announced the theater, the film is scheduled for release in late December, the major theaters in the country. The film by Irish director Jim Sheridan Runescape Gold directed Daniel Craig (”Casino Royale”, “007 Quantum of Solace”), Naomi. Watts (”King Kong”, “U.S. version of the fierce midnight bell “), and Oscar winner Rachel. Weisz (” The Constant Gardener, “” The Mummy “) appeared side by side.

Finale of the show “Dream House sly shadow” year wrap up the introduction of chip

Introduced by the China Film Import and Export, China Film Distribution Co. Company issued, Beijing Forbidden City Film Distribution Co., Ltd. to help promote triple, a collection of horror, suspense, drama, reasoning, and many other elements in Buy WOW Gold a Hollywood suspense masterpiece “Dream House sly shadow” scheduled for December 29, the national release. In addition to fast paced, ups and downs of the story constitutes a full spectacle, the film creepy mansion with a series of bizarre events is the reason for looking forward to mainland audiences.

Size Surreal December are center stage, the news on New Year film, more and more forward-looking discussion of the Lunar New Year film box-office receipts are endless. Issuers to disclose, according to the film, the film “Dream House sly film” is really full of Cheap WOW Gold exciting challenges, although the 2011 Chinese film market, “screaming” sound continued, but the uneven quality of the film, the audience really buy it, not in the majority. The “dream house sly shadow” of the psychological thriller index is menacing you absolutely can not resist. It will also make 2011 the year-end finale drama, as the introduction of chip wrap up the year.

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