“Resident Evil 5″ exposure studio with costumes according to Alice’s first appearance

17 Nov 2011

Alice’s first appearance with costumes

Alice modeling

Hot shot is the “Resident Evil 5″ has once again exposed a few studio photos, actress Mira - Jovovich in the film Alice’s new appearance for the first time exposure, she dressed in black tights and Buy Eden Gold combat boots debut , both sexy and valiant. Mira and wrapped airtight different, Li Bingbing is “cool battle”, and this is the first time we see her played by played by Ida - King of the whole body appearance! Although the vision is not clear, but we can still see the shape of a high degree of reduction of the game’s image. In addition, fans even more excited is that Mira is still today announced his twitter, “Resident Evil 5″ trailer will be the first first version released around Christmas!

In addition, earlier this week, Mira also showed us her studio shooting a video, although less than a minute, but the film’s protagonist Joke with English proficiency to talk with Mira, which is also a cause for its performance in the film even more expectations.

“Resident Evil 5″ by the actress Milla - Jovovich starred in the former concentration, Alice continued to zombie virus outbreak rampant in the world wandering, and in Los Angeles with Chris, who fought side byWOW Gold side, against headquarters of zombie attack … In the Episode, the film will not only focus on the drama of who Alice, Jill will be in the Umbrella (Umbrella) made zombie tide outbreak plays an important role.

Up to now, including “Resident Evil” in the sturdy woman Michelle - Rodriguez, “Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse” in Sienna - Gaier Li, Sean - Roberts, Colin - Sal Meng, Boris - Kojo, Kevin - Duran and Oder - Phil will star in Sell Runescape Gold the film have been identified, along with director Anderson and starring Milla husband and wife team, “Resident Evil 5: punishment” is bound to Re fad strong wave of zombie horror, the film is scheduled for September 14, 2012 in North America, released in 3D format.

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