3D “Titanic,” the first poster See the young version of small Li Kaite

16 Nov 2011

3D “Titanic” poster

“Titanic” stills

Upcoming release on April 6 next year’s 3D version of “Titanic” poster released today for the first time, the screen is the classic Jack and Rose embracing the lens, then Leonardo - DiCaprio and Kate - Winslet now MapleStory Mesos seems particularly young, then the audience can see again on the screen in 3D moving love story between two men.

According to the site after an interview in Los Angeles, Cameron’s gold partner, “Titanic” and “Avatar” producer Jon - Landau Network correspondents on the time that they are for the 3D version of “Titanic No. “China’s release to work, and said well if released, he would be happy to China to do with Cameron again premiere, as was the” Avatar “premiere as China. Voice I hear, Ms. Fox, a next added, “Rest assured, I will do everything I can They go to make a trip to China.”

James Cameron - who said, “I am very excited about the” Titanic “back to the big screen, as opposed to common video effect, the big screen will bring even more shocking and powerful viewing experience.” The the director said, the audience may be familiar with the film’s biggest selling point of this 3D version, “A lot of people have seen” Titanic “, was also read a lot of Runescape Gold for Sale times, but a whole generation of people do not read this in the cinema film, so 3D is a marketing tool - it looks more spectacular, by 3D we can revisit this again more than three hours of film. “

Cameron has always opposed to 3D conversion before the movie, “In a choice, I have always opposed the conversion of 3D, but I still think that, for some classic movies - such as your personal favorite ten or twenty films - should be restructured, but it should be properly transformed when “Titanic” at the end of the restructuring, we spent a total of 60 weeks and $ 18 million. “Nevertheless, even with the film still did not achieve the most good 3D effect, “It’s not perfect, it is 2.99D, not real 3D, but some movies just do 3D conversion 2.4D, you can see the difference among the.”

Producer Jon - Landau also disclosed that “Titanic” will be issued in multiple formats, not only 3D version, there are 2D version, “We will make a 4K digital mastering, 3D version despite accounting for most of the , but will also release 2D, 2D effects of the copy better than before. “Cameron added,” We made a movie full of color correction and recovery, and Cheap RS Gold 35 mm film images of the particles in the sharp edge technology, to achieve better results, so if you do not want to see 3D, you can choose 2D version of the 35mm copy of the 97 years we have seen over much better. “

In addition, Cameron also confirmed the release of “Titanic” without any re-editing, “We have not changed the film, I am not a revisionist (laughs).”

“Titanic” will be April 6, 2012 in 3D, 2D, IMAX 3D, IMAX 2D released four versions of the global and domestic is expected to introduce.

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