Wu and passed homosexual: I have to live with less sleep time

12 Nov 2011

In the “step by step startling,” and “Fourth Master” Wu once again booming and continue for RS Gold about the same time, about his emotional state and skyrocketed to more and more rumors. Recently, in the film drama “Xing Ming adviser”, he first came to visit the set of formal response to the media, he claims funny funny World and other sites often go to Buy Cheap RS Gold watch their gossip: “I said, there are gay, that I impotence also, there are people that I fell in love with brokers, and would rather have to pay liquidated damages up fee and other threats to the film side, I think after all who hate me so? also to let me live? I won my day, time to sleep better brush microblogging. “

With so many rumors, Wu is still askew “indifferent” attitude: “I think there are people who hate me! Anyway to do in this industry for so many years, what I have said, you said you I say me,Eden Gold say I have won my life. have been working there are always scores! “




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