‘Hunger Games’ sequel to start the target of billions of dollars at the box office matters to be determined

11 Nov 2011

“Hunger Games” character posters.

November 11, reported recently, sources said, Lions Gate president Jon Feltheimer said, “” Hunger Games “must create a $ 100 million in domestic box office, will continue to consider making a sequel.” However, Buy Eden Gold he is also confident of the film I believe that there is no problem breaking 100 million.

“Harry Potter” the decade after the end of the course, companies have to create their own blockbuster series of films, Lions Gate’s “Hunger Games” starts the beginning of the ambitious plans for the four original novel trilogy series of films, and has not been completed in the first case of the first to announce the second “Mars prairie fire,” the release date: November 22, 2013. It seems from the current situation, “Mars prairie fire” will depend on the first start after the release of the box-office receipts.

In recent years, a continuous decline in Lions Gate stock, last year’s “death squads” (film critic) of the highest achievements of Lions Gate box office results, the current “death squads 2″ are among the hot shot, it was evident by Lions Gate want to change by the success of this series weak economic status of the company. In view of the benefits should be series of RS Gold films from 220 to 733 million U.S. dollars, analysts said: “” Hunger Games “can be said that Lions Gate next decade cycle profitability to the maximum catalyst will be a great challenge . “speech in Lions Gate’s success seems to think that will be betting on the” Hunger Games “on.

“Hunger Games” directed by Gary Ross, Oscar-nominated starring rookie Jennifer Lawrence, the film cost 80 million dollars, is to spend the most expensive independent production Lions Gate film. Determined on March 23, 2012 release.


“Hunger Games” adapted from the novel the same name as the American writer Susan Collins, the first of the trilogy, the story is set in North America after the great disaster, built up from the ruins, “Shi Huiguo” being; the founding of the near , 12 districts have started a mutiny, but this massive rebellion will soon be the capital subside. In order to Cheap RS Gold punish the political area, the capital every year to ask them to send one pair of boys and girls into the arena to participate in “Hunger Games”, and through live television “tribute” of their race. In addition to 60 seconds after the start of the race can not leave the place, the game no rules at all, even murder and arson are not subject to restrictions, the ultimate winner is the survival of the tribute.




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