“Walking dead” father of the child actress into the mysteries of unwanted pregnancies

10 Nov 2011

Actress Li Luo

AMC’s flagship television series “walking corpses” (The Walking Dead) broadcast the second season is in full swing, in the latest broadcast of the drama, actress Li Luo accidentally discovered she was pregnant, the child is Buy Runescape Gold actually her husband Rick, or there had been a good friend of Shane’s relationship it? Robert Teke creative play Blackman (Robert Kirkman) to remind you, this is only the beginning of the story, more suspense and exciting story to follow.

Li Luo pregnant! How will she handle it?

Robert Teke Blackman: Taking into account the environment in which her pregnancy is definitely a terrible thing, she had to worry about how to produce, how to survive under conditions of pregnancy. In modern society, pregnancy is RS Gold a very complex thing, a lot of things need a doctor’s care, but to escape together with Li Luo people are not engaged in the medical profession, so this is very frightening for her.

The biggest problem is the child who is, this will not affect their triple this relationship is not fixed?

Robert Teke Blackman: Shane will be the catalyst for the whole thing. Once informed of this, Shane’s reaction would be too strong. If he thinks this child is his, that he would try to Cheap RS Gold consolidate its relationship with the family, of course, with the story as it develops, this love triangle relationship will certainly be a lot of contradictions and problems.

Li Luo and on the tension between Shane, Rick slowly found some clues, how is this going?

Robert Teke Blackman: Yes, it certainly is. The current situation is: we do not want the protagonist looks very stupid. This is not what we want from the beginning, the audience would already know the things between Li Luo and Shane, and Rick is a police officer, so I think sooner or later he will find some unusual things.

Hershel survivors and survivors of the farm appears to be growing conflict between, some content can not be disclosed in advance?

Robert Teke Blackman: This is a very interesting point. Hershel survivors from the perspective of the farm, Rick is the villain group of people do, they came to the farm, but also led to the farm of a person is killed, it would certainly lead to conflict. On the other hand, in addition to the injured Carl, we already know what pregnant Li Luo, and farm a person with specialized medical knowledge, so Rick will certainly force them to stay here. Then things will become more and more interesting.

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